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About Us

Bruce Lindsey founded IDS after forty-five plus years in the oil & gas related seismograph industry; the last twenty-three years in data acquisition project management and quality control.  IDS's business objective is to engage rapidly changing drone technology, customizing its services to provide first quality solutions for its clients in a safe and cost effective manner.   

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Who We Are

We are a specialized drone services firm located in  Abilene, Texas, supported by third party consultants and contractors, and ready to travel to work destinations near and far.   

Call Today 713-408-8695

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No job too challenging


What We Do

Drone technology is advancing faster than almost anyone could have imagined.  What this means for our clients is that there are likely viable and practical applications for your industrial, construction, oil and gas and similar business interests that offer greater efficiency and cost savings than you are otherwise able to achieve.  Most companies do not need to be on the cutting edge of this technology to have it work for their benefit.  Rather they need to position themselves in the proven part of the technology that serves their current needs and best interests.  Our goal at IDS is to listen to our client's needs and work to find and implement the latest cost effective drone mapping, modeling and inspection solutions that will most benefit your business.

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