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Our core services include mapping, modeling and inspections for acreage, construction, oil & gas, industrial facilities, towers and alternative energy installations.  Recently added thermal imaging.

  • Drone flight missions as required for resolution of objectives; Nadir and Oblique – Single Grids, Double Grids, Orbital & Free Flights.

  • Multiple mission types merged in processing for cleaner higher resolution results.

  • Recurrent/Repeatable Mission Plans.

  • Flights may utilize GPS Ground Control Points (“GCP’s) for real-world location accuracy or Manual Tie Points (“MTP’s”) along with Scale Constraints for relative project accuracy, per client specifications.  All survey grade positioning to be certified by a licensed surveyor.

  • Data processing and deliverables in client specific formats.

  • Additional services available directly or through collaboration with third party providers.


This is an orthomosaic image consisting of 200 individual georeferenced drone photographs stitched together using  photogrammetry.  Photogrammetry is the process of generating detailed accurate maps, models and measurements derived from tightly sampled common ground points recorded and matched in multiple overlapping photographic images. 

Pineco Double Grid Orthomosaic 2Reduced.JPG

Drone Mapping

Highly accurate maps are an important product derived from photogrammetry.  The accuracy can be termed "relative accuracy", meaning the images are accurate with respect to the common positions in corresponding images, or they can achieve survey grade accuracy with the assistance of licensed surveyors for establishing GPS ground control points (GCP's) 

3D Modeling

3D Models are used to create three dimensional digital twins of many types of assets; infrastructure, buildings, construction, towers, industrial facilities, oil and gas facilities and the like.  Along with photography and video, these can be used for progress monitoring and documentation, dimension checking, asset condition comparisons between models over time and other evaluations.  

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shutterstock_1624010212 DEM Rescaled.jpg

DEM's, DSM's & DTM's

Digital Surface Models (DSM's) are 3D models that include above ground structures, objects and vegetation, while Digital Elevation Models (DEM's) are bare earth models.  Digital Terrain Models (DTM's) are similar to DEM's with the addition of markers such as break lines and contour lines.    These various mapping products are valuable for route planning, drainage patterns, environmental evaluations, stockpile management, equipment inventory and other similar functions.


Utilization of drones for inspections is growing at a brisk pace.  To name a few applications:  bridges, buildings, roofs, construction sites, storm damages, solar farms, cell phone towers, oil and gas facilities, refineries, tanks, power lines, pipelines, and yes, drones have even been developed for conducting underground mine inspections.


The four most obvious advantages for adopting a drone inspection program are worker safety, cost savings, time savings and establishing a visual time and location record.    

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